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 "I walk in harmony, heaven in one hand, earth in the other. I am the knot where two worlds meet. Red magic courses through me like the blood of Isis, magic of magic, spirit of spirit. I am proof of the power of the gods. I am water and dust walking." The Knot of Isis from Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis


Isis knot, thet knot, tyet knot in silver. Also known as the Buckle of Isis.








 Sterling Silver Thet knot


  Egyptian silver thet  knot $15.00

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The Thet Knot

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The thet or tyet knot is a symbol of the Egyptian goddess Isis, Lady of Magic, Goddess of Motherhood, among many other names and titles. Scholars debate exactly what is represented by this symbol, but most believe it is either a stylized representation of the female reproductive system, or that it is a menstrual or obstetric bandage. It definitely represents the Blood of Isis, as a spell of consecration for this amulet states it. It is also sometimes called the Buckle of Isis.

Thet knots were made of many materials in Ancient Egypt. Most of the time, they were of red stone, such as carnelian or jasper, but yellow examples are also found. In ancient Egyptian color lore, yellow is sometimes used in place of red, possibly because the sun was perceived to be both yellow and red, with the "red sun" apparent at dawn and dusk in the desert. In metal, thets might be of gold, but the original spell expects that the Thet will be made of wood from a sycamore tree, long sacred to Nut, Isis, and, later, to Hathor. The symbol was also used to decorate funerary and ritual objects, and is often found in conjunction with the djed pillar, another mysterious object which may represent the spine of Osiris, a tree, or something else entirely. While the djed represented the masculine forces, the thet was specifically feminine. The two symbols are first paired together on an object dating from pre-dynastic times.

In a spell recounting a tale of Isis discovering she is pregnant, she is said to immediately "tie on her amulet". This magical adornment is not described in the spell, but may indeed be the thet or tiet amulet.

The spell mentions "water of ankham flowers". This flower has not been specifically identified, but some researchers believe that this was the flower of the henna plant, the same plant which provides a red or brown-orange dye for body art and which has been used in Egypt since ancient times. Other candidates include the lotus and the white, blue, or pink waterlilly.

Alternate spellings include tet, tit, tyet, tiet and, unexpectedly, set, perhaps a contraction of Isis' name in Egyptian, Auset. The name of the pharaoh Seti can be "spelled" using the thet or set hieroglyph. The thet hieroglyph may have been a way of avoiding using the dangerous name of Set in the pharaoh's name, asserting his protective connection with Isis instead.

"You have your blood, O Isis; you have your power, O Isis; you have your magic, 0 Isis. This amulet is a protection for this Great one which will drive away whoever would commit a crime against this one. " Faulkner, The Book of the Dead

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Tea Tree - Clearing, refreshing.
- deTraci Regula, author of the "Mysteries of Isis" uses a mixture of ylang-ylang and light or Egyptian musk as a general purpose Isis oil. Soothing and cheering.
Planet: Venus
Element: Water

Essential oils can be very potent. Uncut, most of them are flammable and are also highly irritating when applied directly to the skin and should be used with care and permission.  Pregnant women or persons suffering from medical conditions should consult a trained medical aromatherapist before using essential oils. None of the folklore and subjective information listed above is intended as a substitute for medical advice.




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